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S.T.E.A.M. Summer Series for Kids

Summer STEAM Series for Kids at This House of Books, your member-owned, indie bookstore & tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

Mondays are fun days all summer long!

We have a terrific lineup of summer events for kids at This House of Books. Community people from the arts, the sciences, and the fields of mathematics, technology, and engineering will be on hand to guide us through an activity, read us a story, and tell us something interesting about the world.

Beginning on June 3, the Monday after school lets out, the Our Summer S.T.E.A.M. Events will continue every Monday until August 19, the Monday before school starts up again for the fall. The events will get underway by 2 o'clock. We will wrap up by 3 or a little after, depending on the wishes of the group.

Juice and sometimes a snack will be available for the children and, of course, our tea bar will be ready to serve your favorite tea beverages.

The events

All events take place on Mondays from 2 until 3 or so. Click the dates for more information about the event that day.

June 3 • Aaron Rosen will kick off our summer series. His topic will explore creativity, not only in the arts but the role of creativity in the sciences, mathematics, technology, and electronics.

June 10 • Gavin Woltjer will lead us through an examination of different kinds of rocks and minerals. He will show us how to test them in a variety of ways (fracture, streak plate, etc.) Also included is a brief presentation on the geology of the Rims and our local area. This event is included in the Library's Summer Reading Program. Kids who attend will be able to get points.

June 17 • With Leslyn Johnson children will work with gourds, from seed through their whole life cycle. Making the gourds into birdhouses will demonstrate the interdependence of living things. At the end of the activity, children will take home a plant and a birdhouse.

June 24 • François Morin is back again this year to teach us more about bread. This year he will show us about flour and gluten and how each is important to making good bread. Afterward, he will return to his bakery to bake the loaves made by the children. Participants will be able to pick up their children's loaves to take home to eat. This event is co-sponsored by Le Fournil.

July 1 • [holiday week—no program, but if you stop by at the usual time, we will read stories together.]

July 8 • Heather Kovis will open up the world of veterinary technicians for us. What do they do? What skills and education do they need? What's the most fun part of the job? This event is co-sponsored by The Animal Clinic of Billings.

July 15 • Marian Kirst reveals the loveable aspects of insects and invertebrates in her inimitable style.

July 22 • Gavin Woltjer returns with a program he calls, "Find Your Monster." He will begin by talking about Big Foot and local legends. The question Gavin will explore is how to go about studying something like Big Foot. What would you look for? How would you follow a scientific process to investigate the existence of your monster? This event is included in the Library's Summer Reading Program. Kids who attend will be able to get points.

July 27 • Gary Waddingham began collecting things when he was a youngster and understands how this is an activity that is open to any kid of any means. He will explore the questions what could you collect and why? Do collections serve any purpose? Is it important to classify things in a collection? He will bring some of his collections for us to examine.

August 5 • DeLaney Kay Hardy Ray lives and breathes theater. She will share some of what she enjoys most about it through theater activities. This event is co-sponsored by Yellowstone Repertory Theater.

August 12 • Continuing on the theme of hobbies that kids can start and carry on across the years, Bill Stearns will introduce us to the wide world of radio in the video era. 

August 29 • The ever-popular musical instrument petting zoo returns this year under the stewardship of Mike Miller. This event is co-sponsored by Eckroth Music.