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John Billings

John Billings, author and member-owner at This House of Books, your community-owned, independent bookstore and tea shop in downtown Billings, MontanaGiving up a promising military career, Meritorious Service Award recipient John R. Billings set out to pursue his vision in Thorofare, Wyoming, the most remote wilderness destination in the lower 48.


Rattlers, grizzlies, and treacherous mountain passes be damned. The outfitter offers his clients the trip of a lifetime. Here, the reader is welcome to come along Into the Tall and the Uncut.

"This night, these seasonal herd bulls produce variable thunder in abundance … and the three-, four-, and five-toner bulls spar with alacrity for the duration of their convention. It appears as though they are in celebration … of survival, perhaps, with man's attempts at predation, at least in part, drawing to a close."

—From Into the Tall and the Uncut, The Prussian of Valhalla, Chapter 14.

John's presentation of Into the Tall and the Uncut is posted on YouTube. The presentation was at This House of Books on February 21, 2020.