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Bookstore Staff

We have a great team heading up the effort, but that’s only the beginning. Hundreds of people have been involved in building the co-op, and you could be one of them! To make a community-owned store a reality, use the "Get Involved" menu to become a member/owner, a volunteer, or an employee.

Photograph of Gustavo Belotta, General Manager at This House of Books, the community-owned independent bookstore and tea shop in downtown Billings MontanaGustavo Belotta, General Manager

Gustavo has worked in the book retail market for over 20 years and has read a few here and there in that time. He will occasionally do some writing, some acting, some painting, or anything else creative that takes his fancy. He can be found playing board games or trying to convince people to play board games the rest of the time.

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Shirley Marin, Bookseller

Kathleen Ortmayer, Bookseller

   Kat Schoolitz, Bookseller

Kat is new to the bookstore scene, but is a passionate reader. They are currently studying English Literature at MSUB, and have a history studying film and philosophy, as well as undertaking a brief stint as a radio DJ. Music, art, film, and philosophy are their greatest passions, and they can always direct you to interesting topics in Nonfiction and in the Classics. You can find them in the store on Sundays spinning tunes, especially from the 1950s-1990s. Lover of esoterica, trivia, and ephemera.