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Bioenhancement (Biomancer Quintet #2) (Paperback)

Bioenhancement (Biomancer Quintet #2) Cover Image
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This sequel to Biomancy deals with the fallout from the ambitious actions that took place in the first novel. Ties are broken and pacts are made, forging alliances in a war no one wanted and that no one can really win.

Taking place twenty turns (two years-ish in local time) after the events of Biomancy, Leana Incubore has settled into the Black Keep, making great strides in biomantic studies. Elon and Liz have gotten used to their new home and found contentedness in marriage, but find their rut increasingly uncomfortable. Osa, once excited at the prospect of a steady job, has found herself bored with the same old routine. All the while, Illy & Rhia have found new happiness with each other living far from their home.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945110023
ISBN-10: 1945110023
Publisher: Proseyr Publishing
Publication Date: October 27th, 2017
Pages: 488
Language: English
Series: Biomancer Quintet