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Why I Love Singlehood (Paperback)

Why I Love Singlehood Cover Image


Eva Perino is single and proud of it. Owner of The Grounds, a coffee shop nestled in the heart of a college town, thirtysomething Eva cherishes her comfortable life filled with quirky friends, a fun job, and no significant other. In fact, she's so content to be on her own that she started a blog about it: Why I Love Singlehood. Yet when she hears the news of her ex-boyfriend's engagement, her confidence in her single status takes a surprisingly hard hit.

So begins Eva's clumsy (and occasionally uproarious) search for love as she secretly joins an online dating site, tries her hand at speed-dating, and breaks her own rule by getting involved with one of The Grounds' regulars. Soon Eva is forced to figure out exactly who--or what--is the true love of her life. Sparkling with warmth and wit, Why I Love Singlehood is a charming and insightful must-read for anyone--single or otherwise--who has ever been stymied by love.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781935597575
ISBN-10: 1935597574
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication Date: May 31st, 2011
Pages: 356
Language: English