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Abbott's Magic and the American Side Show: Step Right Up - You Have to See It to Believe It! (Paperback)

Abbott's Magic and the American Side Show: Step Right Up - You Have to See It to Believe It! Cover Image
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When you hear the term "side show" what does it bring to mind? For some, maybe an old movie or television show comes to mind (The X Files "Humbug" episode for example). For others, maybe Fairs and Circuses come to mind, after all PT Barnum is credited with creating the side show well over a hundred years ago. For most of us at Abbott's, the term "side show" means "Living Heads," "Spider Girls," and even "Electric Chairs" - All magical illusions that were built and sold by Abbott's during the past century to sideshow performers across the United States (workshop plans to all three are included in this publication). While many remember side shows for presenting "human oddities," side shows were also known for presenting "working acts" which included fire eaters, sword swallowing, Hypnotist, Fortune Tellers, and magicians who performed effects like the "Girl without a Head" and the "Girl in a Fishbowl" - illusions built and sold by Abbott's (workshop plans are included in this publication). The secrets, the mystery, and the magic of the side show art now brought to you in one publication. You will go behind the scenes and travel into the past to a time where side shows would travel the United States performing their mysteries.

About the Author

Founded in 1934 during the heart of the Great Depression, Abbott Magic Mfg Co has been a leader in producing magic for over 80 years. Founder Percy Abbott and his partner, Recil Bordner, created a magical empire unparalleled in magic history, turning a small village in Michigan into the world recognized Magic Capital of the World. During World War 2, Abbotts Magic MFG was given "Vital Industry" status since it supplied soldiers books on sleight of hand for recreation. This allowed Abbotts to purchase surplus and scrap metal to continue manufacturing magic products during the war years. After the war ended and the soldiers returned home, business began to boom and Abbott's opened up branch retail shops in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, and Indianapolis. Abbotts magic factory in Colon was expanded during this time to meet the new demands of these new shops and the post war populace. In 1959, Founder Percy Abbott sold his half of the business to Recil Bordner who became the sole proprietor of Abbotts magic. In 1974, Recil brought his son, Greg, into the family business and Greg has brought Abbotts into the 21st century by combining the best of the old with the latest technology of today, thus keeping Abbotts Magic a place where magical illusion are not only bought and sold, but also designed, and created. Continuing its role as a leader in magic, Abbott's Magic has embraced the new century technology with the largest compilation of Magic Downloads available online. Its retail store is still located in Colon MI and is open to the public 6 days a week. Abbott's provides everything from starter magic sets to full blown illusions and stage shows. Each March, the Abbott Closeup Convention brings some of the greatest names in closeup magic to the Magic Capital including Harry Lorayne, Max Maven, David Roth, and many others. Each August, the Abbott's annual Magic Get Together Convention has brought some of magic's greatest acts to its stage in Colon including Lance Burton, Harry Blackstone, Mac King, Karrell Fox, Neil Foster, Jeff Hobson, Kevin James, Franz Harary, DARYL, and many others.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781543018806
ISBN-10: 1543018807
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 14th, 2017
Pages: 532
Language: English