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Great meeting at the Billings Library

We had a great crowd last night at the Billings Library for the rollout of the new name, along with investor information, updates on the space, and more. For those who missed the meeting, fear not! There will be plenty more of them around town. Watch this website or our Facebook page for details. Also, all of the handouts from the meeting are available on our Invest page as printable PDF files.

Time to get involved!

See that tagline at the top of this website that says “your community-owned independent bookstore and tea shop”? It takes a community to make a project like this happen. We can’t just wait for someone else to do it—we each need to jump in and get involved.

First general meeting

Today was the first general meeting of the Billings Bookstore Cooperative member-owners, in the upstairs meeting space of the Good Earth Market, another Billings cooperative.

The first order of business—after determining that all present were properly subscribed for at least one voting share—was a news update, where the steering committee brought everyone up-to-date on grants, share sales, the search for a general manager, and discussions regarding an in-store café.