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The Blueing of the Walls

We’ve ripped out the carpet; we’ve painted the ceiling. It’s time for the walls! Time to get rid of those drab beiges and color this place up. Once again, we had a great collection of volunteers to make things happen: and many of them came back for the second coat the next day!

Dealing with the Ceiling

We know the white drop ceiling doesn’t fit that 1920’s Montana look that we’re after. We also know that we don’t have the budget to remove it, paint all of the exposed ductwork, and replace the lights. So we came up with a compromise: paint that ceiling dark brown, which practically makes it disappear.

Out With the Old Floor

As you can see in the “before” picture, the future home of This House of Books looks very much like what it used to be: an MSU-Billings extension facility. Since we’re going for a historic prohibition-era Montana look, that blue carpet was the first thing to go!

We have a building!

This House of Books, a new Billings community-owned bookstore, has signed a lease on a 2,800 square foot space in downtown Billings. The building, originally the Billings Masonic Temple, is located at 224 North Broadway at the corner of 3rd Avenue North across the street from the Alberta Bair Theater.

With a Cup of Tea – Podcast episode zero

Welcome to the first installment of our new podcast, “With a Cup of Tea.” In episode zero, we introduce This House of Books; our host, then general manager, Gary Robson; and our first guest, member-owner, author, and board member Precious McKenzie.