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Two Teas and a Bush

Last month, we had our first tea tasting event of 2019, led by This House of Book's general manager and tea guru Gustavo Belotta. Before serving any tea, however, Gus displayed several jars, one containing a black tea, one a green, and one an herbal, and asked what the difference was.

"Caffeine!" supplied nearly everyone in attendance.

What I am Reading Now: Mayflower Girl, by Dr. Precious McKenzie

Mayflower Girl book coverMayflower Girl follows an early adolescent girl named Remember Allerton on her family's voyage across the Atlantic in 1620. This is a book targeted to upper elementary students, but I believe a well-told story is suitable for anyone. My wife and I, both of us retired adults, just finished reading it aloud with one another.


Arbuckle is the third book in a series Rowland set in the southeastern corner of Montana. Actually, it is the first book if you look at the action across the series chronologically.  It is a beautifully told story of a family working to make a go of it in a hard country. The characters are likeable people who are drawn in exceptional depth. The presentation of their relationships and the conflicts among characters is particularly insightful.

Maté with Gustavo at This House of Books

Mate gourd and bombillia - source wikipedia -- I want to drink something hot and a bit acrid, my choice of beverage is tea. To be specific, what I want is an infusion made from the dried, oxydized leaves of Camelia sinensis var. assamica. It just has the right balance of tastes and flavors for me.

Self-publishing Sandstone

This House of Books self-published a book: our Sandstone anthology. It has met our expectations for success. Why? At least three reasons: In the first place, it contains work of some of the best authors in the state (thank you authors!). There are several stories in these that are worth the price of the entire book.