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—What I Am Reading Now Department: Wildlife Photography

I had a chance to take a closer look at Jack Ballard's book on photographing wildlife. This is really a good book on the subject. 

Lisa Densmore Ballard presentation

World class skier Lisa Densmore Ballard, presented her most recent book, Ski Faster! Guide to Racing and High Performance Skiing .

Tasting tea: evaluating traditional tea

Tea tasting can be simple. When you are deciding which tea to buy, there are just a few things to consider.

  • Does the tea smell good?
  • Does the tea look good?
  • Does the tea taste good?
  • Does the tea feel good in your mouth?

On the simplest level, do you like it? If you like it, it is good.

We have several pages on making and evaluating tea. Here is their logical order:

First ever tea tasting

There was a lot of interest for our first ever tea-tasting event. Not knowing what to expect, we were happily surprised with the number of people who turned out.

Gustavo, our general manager and tea blender, built the tasting around a black tea, a maté, and a tisane. He brewed over 20 tasting-size portions of each and these were served with English-style tea biscuits baked by volunteer Rosanna Buehl. 

Opportunity for Montana High School students, Grades 9–12

New Voices logo New Montana Voices, an anthology of poems, fiction, essays, and photos is accepting submissions for publication. There are cash prizes to the students from grades 9–12 for the best submissions in each category.

Furthermore, there is an annual cash prize for the teacher or librarian who best motivates students to write and submit quality work.