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What I am Reading Now: Fire Pony, by Sheila Ruble

Fire Pony coverA good story well-told does not have age guidelines for its audience. Fire Pony is written for a middle school audience, the protagonist is an 11 year old girl, but even though I am more than a half century older than the intended demographic for this book, I found it to be a real page-turner that I found myself picking up whenever I had a few moments to myself.

What I am Reading Now: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

portrait of Jane AustenHow could I have gotten through an English major without reading any Austen? We are considering celebrating Jane Austen Day in September at This House of Books, so now is my chance to correct this omission. I went to the bookstore and added a copy of Austen's 1813 novel, Pride and Prejudice, to my personal library.

American Sentences

As we go into Poetry Month, I want to share a little about a form that is new to me: American Sentences -- a North American version of the Japanese haiku. These are one line poems that consist of seventeen syllables.

Parking when you come to This House of Books

parking spaces downtownThis House of Books is located in the central core of Downtown Billings, at the corner of Third Avenue and North Broadway. We are among the best located businesses in Billings for finding convenient parking.

Two Teas and a Bush

Last month, we had our first tea tasting event of 2019, led by This House of Book's general manager and tea guru Gustavo Belotta. Before serving any tea, however, Gus displayed several jars, one containing a black tea, one a green, and one an herbal, and asked what the difference was.

"Caffeine!" supplied nearly everyone in attendance.