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Elisa Lorello All of You Review


All of You by Elisa Lorello / Lancarello Enterprises: 246 pages, $16.95.


The River Where You Forgot My Name: Giving a Voice to Julia Clark

The River Where You Forgot My Name by Corrie Williamson / Southern Illinois University Press: 80 pages, $15.95

The Only Good Indians: A Must-Read Montana-Based Thriller

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones, Gallery / Saga Press: 336 pages, $16.99

A Timely Reflection on Transracial Adoption

Bitterroot: A Salish memoir of Transracial Adoption, By Susan Devan Harness, University of Nebraska Press: 360 pages. $21.95

For Fans of Boys in the Boat...

Faster, By Neal Bascomb, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: 368 pages. $28.00

In Faster, Neal Bascomb takes on the story of one particular racecar matchup of political consequence: the 1938 Pau Grand Prix, in which a Jewish driver in a French-engineered car owned by an American heiress triumphed over the Germans in their Mercedes. Much as in Boys in the Boat, another story about the entanglement of sports and politics in the lead-up to WWII, Faster reads like a novel. Despite the fact that the outcome is a matter of historical record, I felt compelled to read on well past my bedtime, suspense drawing me forward.